About Saifa

born 1978 in NYC




Sean Saifa Wall is an intersex activist, collage artist and public health researcher based in Atlanta GA.

As an activist, he has appeared on Huffington Post, ABC News Nightline, NBC Out and other media outlets. He is the former board president of InterAct, an intersex youth advocacy organization and is now an advisor for the Astraea Intersex Fund for Human Rights.

The media that he uses for artistic expression is collage and film. Currently, he is working on a documentary project about his father’s incarceration entitled, “Letters to an Unborn Son.” His collage art reflects African American spirituality, liberation theology, and current themes relating to Black people and extrajudicial killings in Black communities. Employing African and diasporic African beliefs about animism, he believes that spirit exist in all things, animate and inanimate. As part of that belief system, he is the medium through which these found objects come together and create spiritual artifacts.  These spiritual artifacts are cultural markers that remind us that the spiritual is indeed political.

CV available upon request.